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Dell Enterprise Servers R810 (ver. SATA,­A02) PE SELF-EXTRACTING wydane 2013.03.16.

Plik pobrany 0 razy i obejrzany 1939 razy.

Kategoria PC
Marka Dell
Urządzenie Enterprise Servers R810
Systemy operacyjne Windows
Wersja SATA,­A02
Rozmiar pliku 121 Kb
Wydany 2013.03.16
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Physical Disk Firmware for Dell Enterprise Servers R810 Physical Disk Firmware Version Report - report that will compare the current running firmware against a list of current firmware for shipping and legacy Dell drive models.­ Note: The comparison is only as up-to-date as the compare file.­ If the version of OMSA is aging a new version of the compare file hddfwver.­csv can be downloaded at Dell.­com

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